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The 223 ammo is a rimless, bottle-necked rifle cartridge designed by Remington Arms in 1957 for high-velocity and small-scale applications. It was created by the SAAMI and can be found in a wide range of semi-automatic and manual action pistols and rifles. It is one of the most important and commonly used cartridges. This cartridge was developed for the Continental Army Command by Remington Arms, Fairchild Industries, and professional engineers (CONARC).

In addition, Winchester was asked to participate in this endeavor. The 233 Remington ammo has been somewhat modified into a new cartridge, yet it still works admirably. These changes were made in response to NATO’s demands. Its muzzle velocity is a little low, but its long-range performance is outstanding. It is one of the best long-range target cartridges available. Due to its popularity and demand, all the leading ammunition manufacturers still produce the 233 Remington ammo in the highest quality.

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