224 Valkyrie Ammo For Sale

Federal Ammo developed the 224 Valkyrie ammo for modern and sporting rifles. This rifle cartridge is a rimless intermediate and bottle-necked cartridge. It performs outstandingly. It can allow high muzzle velocity and heavier bullets because it consists of a necked-down huge case. The Federal took the idea to create 224 Valkyrie ammunition to fulfill the requirements for modern sporting rifles for small platforms in long ranges. The case of 6.8 SPC was taken and necked down to use in a 2.44 diameter projectile.

The 224 Valkyrie ammo can have different velocities depending on the manufacturing. It can reach long-range around 1000 yards. Many top manufacturing companies manufacturer this cartridge as we have many customers who wanted to buy this cartridge. We have association some leading ammunition manufacturing brands like Federal, Hornady, and many more.

You can buy 224 Valkyrie ammo in different brand labels in bulk from our store. Our most selling brand in this cartridge is the Federal.224 Valkyrie. There are many Federal 224 Valkyrie ammunition varieties like Federal Gold Medal Sierra Match King .224 Valkyrie, Federal Varmint and Predator .224 Valkyrie and Federal Fusion MSR .224 Valkyrie are a few to name in the top-selling. All these amazing 224 Valkyrie are available at our store at the lowest prices for you.

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