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Experience the best deals on the 308 Winchester ammo for sale right here at Mega Ammunition Store. This ammunition was introduced in the 1950s and is an American-designed rifle cartridge without a rim which evolved from the NATO military 7.62*51mm rifle. While the cartridges are very similar, some subtle differences may affect how comfortable one uses them interchangeably. For example, the .308 Winchester is rated for a slightly higher max pressure rating, so while the best practice is to use the same ammo as the gun barrel is marked for, you can use both. Traditionally, shooters will use the full metal jacket (FMJ) rounds of .308 at the shooting range for target practice. The FMJ 308 Winchester ammo for sale is typically available in bulk at our inventory. This round is the most commonly used big game caliber in the world. The .308 is manufactured by popular top brands such as Lapua, Nosler, Federal Premium, Sig Sauer, Hornady, and
others, found at Mega Ammunition Store.

More About The 308 Winchester Ammo

308 Winchester ammunition is a smokeless powder rimless bottled necked rifle cartridge and is one of the most popular hunting cartridges in the United States and possibly the world. It is among the calibers recommended for hunting brown and grizzly bears by Alaska Department of Game and Fish. In Africa, it is one of the most popular calibers among Bushveld hunters and is used on anything from a duiker right up to a massive elan. It carries 125-185 grains with muzzle energy of up to 2,718 feet to pounds and muzzle velocity of up to 3,100 feet per second. Its parent case is the .300 savage and has a bullet diameter of 0.308 inches, neck diameter of 0.3443 inches; its rim thickness is about 0.0539 inches and rim diameter of 0.4728 inches, and it has an overall length of 71.1 mm.

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