Banks Outdoors 300 lb Feed Bank Gravity Game Feeder Polyethylene Green


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The Feed Bank is a gravity-fed deer feeder designed to elevate with a single center post. This eliminates any obstruction for bucks to access the feed unlike standard tripod feeders. This standout design results in the most economical, high-quality deer feeder on the market.


  • Design allows for 300 lbs of feed.
  • Mounts on one 8-foot 4×4 (not included) set 3-feet into the ground.
  • Single post won’t interfere with or damage antler growth.
  • Adjustable feeding ports allow you to control the flow of feed.
  • Large, watertight cover makes filling easy and keeps feed fresh
  • Feed ports stand at an optimal height of 42-inches.
  • Product Information

    Material Polyethylene
    Capacity 300 LBS
    Broadcast Type Gravity
    Varmint Guard Included No
    Waterproof Lid Yes
    Locking Lid No
    Feed Height 42 Inches

    Delivery Information

    Shipping Weight 74.464 Pounds


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