Dave Smith Decoys DSD Mating Hen & Mating Motion Jake Turkey Decoy Combo Pack


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This ground breaking set of decoys accurately replicates a jake in the act of mounting a hen. Tug on the jerk cord to simulate the young gobbler as he gyrates on top of his receptive hen, then watch one longbeard after another lose his mind in a fit of rage like no other decoys have ever inspired! The hand operated motion system is simple, effective and legal in all 50 U.S. states. Like all DSDs, these decoys are lightweight, quiet and constructed out of legendary A.C.E. Technology. They can withstand a shotgun blast or a broadhead with little to no visible wear to the surface and no effect to the decoy’s shape.


  • Features a hand operated motion system that is simple and effective.
  • Never before seen motion that gets insane results!
  • A.C.E. Technology decoy bodies are super durable.
  • Includes motion kit, ground stake, and (2) camo carry bags with shoulder straps.


Product Information

Material A.C.E Polymer
Length 30 Inches
Species Turkey
Decoy Type Full Body
Flocked Flocked Back
Head Position Active
Sub-Species Eastern

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 22.243 Pounds
Oversized Yes


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