Flambeau Sandhill Crane Decoy


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The Flambeau Sandhill Crane Decoy communicates safety and instills confidence in vary waterfowl over a decoy spread. The Sandhill Crane Decoy features UVision paint technology that mimics the ultra violet signature of a live Sandhill Crane to the eye of waterfowl.


  • Communicates safety in wary waterfowl over a decoy spread
  • UVision paint technology
  • Realistic paint design
  • Durable hard plastic construction
  • Ideal decoy to coax birds onto the X

Product Information

Material Plastic
Length 30 Inches
Quantity 5
Species Sandhill Crane
Decoy Type Full Body
Flocked No
Head Position Upright

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 8.487 Pounds


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