Higdon Magnum Half Shell Canada Goose Decoy Polymer Pack of 6


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You’ll love the convenience and looks of this a heavy duty, field shell goose. It was designed with awesome feather detail by an award winning, professional wildlife carver. This magnum decoy is 25 inches breast to tail and 12 inches wide yet a dozen make an unbelievably compact stack for easy transportation. All Canada models come with field tested, durable black flocked heads with white painted cheek patches. Head positions include Sentry, Tru-Walker, Rester, and Semifeeder. This decoy is made to last and comes with Higdon’s standard 1 year warranty against faulty paint or manufacturing defects. Sold per six with flocked heads.


Product Information

Material Polymer
Length 25 Inches
Quantity 6
Species Canada Goose
Decoy Type Shell
Flocked Flocked Head
Head Position Feeder, Active

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 16.608 Pounds


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