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MOJO’s Flock a Flickers taught many of us new lessons in decoying, namely that motion could be successfully imparted to a “spread” of decoys without the decoys themselves moving.  MOJO knows geese are not attracted to the spinning wing concept, based on their different wing beat, but they ARE attracted to the correct waving of a flag.  The patent-pending MOJO Mini Flags bring a whole new concept to dry field waterfowl hunting.  Small individual mini flags furnished in a set of 4 with random on/off timers that give a realistic view of motion when scattered throughout the spread.  Originally intended for geese, but actual field hunting and research indicate they are just as effective for ducks.  Each Mini Flag consists of a motorized base which houses the motor, drop-in battery pack, timer and switch, with detachable, magnetically connected “mini flag” on flexible cable that produces multiple realistic movements, even after the motor stops.  The housing is equipped with MOJO’s standard peg with threaded insert allowing pole mounting in higher stubble or shallow water (pole not included).  Comes with 4 3/4″ threaded spikes that attach to the bottom.

Product Information

Quantity 4
Species Canada Goose
Decoy Type Electronic
Flocked No

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 5.620 Pounds


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