Muddy Outdoors Ascender Climbing Stick 20′


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Muddy’s Ascender Climbing Sticks come feature packed and fully upgraded. The Ascender Climbing Sticks measure in at a length of 48” and at a step width of 11”. Constructed of solid steel, this climbing system is easy to pack and to setup with lightweight, packable sections. Fortified with a silent cam-buckle system and nylon washers, any chance of metal on metal noise is eliminated. The system weighs 6.6 lbs per section and has a 300 pound weight capacity.


  • 8” Between the Step & the Tree for a Safer Climber
  • Silencers; plastic caps and nylon washers throughout
  • DX Steel Tubing
  • 48″ Sections
  • 6.6 lb per Section
  • 300 lb weight rating
  • Product Information

    Color Black
    Material Steel
    Length 240 Inches
    Weight 33.6 Pound
    Step Distance 18 Inches
    Step Width 11 Inches


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