RMT Triggers Nomad Trigger RMT-N0001


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Product Info for RMT Triggers Nomad Trigger

The Nomad Trigger offers one-of-a-kind Patented Pivot Technology to provide users with the most forgiving and precise trigger on the market. This new technology allows the trigger to adjust freely to the shooter and minimize error through each individual trigger pull. The Nomad Trigger is engineered to move and index correctly every time, allowing the firearm to remain stable through a variety of shooting positions and trigger pulls.

With what we like to call, the 6 degrees of freedom, this trigger will move with your finger to prevent any unnecessary firearm movement from affecting your sight alignment as the trigger breaks. This is especially important when you are forced to shoot from awkward positions where perfect hand position is not possible said Mike Semanoff CMO RMT Triggers

The Nomad trigger is constructed from the finest materials found in the trigger construction. The housing and trigger are both of anodized 7075 aluminum with 440c Stainless steel for key internal components and S7 Tool Steel for maximum durability of the hammer itself. Our components are machined to medical grade fit and finish to ensure a smooth, crisp, and light trigger pull that you will come to expect every time.

Specifications for RMT Triggers Nomad Trigger:

Color: Black
Fabric/Material: Anodized 7075 Aluminum/440c Stainless Steel/S7 Tool Steel
Trigger Shape: Flat
Trigger Pull Weight: 3 lb
Gun Model: AR-15
Gun Type: Rifle

Features of RMT Triggers Nomad Trigger

  • 6 degrees rotating and pivoting freedom
  • No creep or grinding
  • Set at 3 lbs from the factory (not adjustable)
  • Only Weighs 2.2 oz
  • Extremely Short Positive Reset Length
  • Easy installation instructions


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